The Property Investment Mentor

Create passive income, build wealth and make money work for you


Gain knowledge and learn effective strategies to navigate the property market without relying on the expertise of outsiders who are often motivated by their own personal goals.


The Property Investment Mentor book is about helping ordinary people like you gain unbiased knowledge to navigate the property investment industry with confidence. Written in a straightforward, digestible format to help you make smart decisions and achieve your own definition of financial freedom.



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My original intent in creating this book was to provide a guide for members of

my family and close friends. After 18 years in the business, I wanted to pass on

what I’d learned and help the people I care about realise that with the right

information, from someone who has their best interests at heart, they too could

do what I have done.


After I’d written the book and given away a few copies, I realised that this

book could also be of huge benefit to other people who wish to learn about

property investment, to start investing or to improve performance and grow their

current property portfolio.


My goal is to help ordinary people gain more awareness about this   industry and ultimately achieve their own definition of success. That could be; creating passive income building wealth, having more choice to live their life exactly how they want or just not have to work for anyone again.


This book will give you a step by step approach to achieving this and much more in a clear and straightforward way. Written for the beginner and the more experienced.


I hope you enjoy reading it and once you have, do share with your friends

 and family. For me, sharing the knowledge we gain in our personal and

professional lives to help the people we care about is one of the best

legacies we can leave behind.


Best of luck!!










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Craig Campbell is a qualified accountant and a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He ventured into property investments, discovering ways to work hard for money AND eventually allow his money to work even harder for him. Equipped with extensive experience in property investment, he believes that positive cash flow is essential.


The concept that cash is indeed king has revealed a valuable strategy to use in the industry; he has seen profitable businesses fail time and time again due to poor cash flow. Craig has proven that positive cash flow is one of the foundations of a successful property investor and he is ready to share this knowledge with the world in relevant ways.


For eight thriving years, Craig has been the owner and manager of an estate agency based in North London. The company deals with sales and lettings as well as managing hundreds of landlord's portfolios. He manages his own portfolio and holds a certificate from the National Federation of Property Professionals, a respected awarding body in residential letting and property management. Making his first purchase in 1998, Craig has built an exceptional cash-flow-positive portfolio with amazing capital growth. One of its strengths is its recession-proof characteristic.


Through the years, Craig has given valuable advice to numerous people who are interested in property investment. On a number of occasions, he has helped investors and owners avoid the pain of repossession. Nowadays, he is committed to teaching people about investing properly; he wrote this book as a major step in this direction.


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